Twisted Panglossia

David Mertz mertz at
Thu Jun 5 21:01:11 CEST 2003

I'm doing a series of articles on Twisted for IBM developerWorks (two
already submitted, two more yet to write).  So obviously, I like the
framework, or at least think it has a lot of promise.

But I've noticed something both on the Twisted list, and when Twisted
has come up here on recently.  The Twisted developers have a
greater excess of enthusiasm for their package than do the developers of
other large frameworks (even more than my Pollyannaishness in my
ironically confessed advocacy of my own little tools).

Can't criticize the documentation because it's a bunch of pages already
(even if not necessarily well-organized).  Can't complain something's
unstable because you're not supposed to do it that way anyway.
Everything's backward compatible (so just ignore when it isn't).
Anyone who hasn't tried today's CVS version is maligning Twisted.  And
like that.

Now as with all such critics, I will quickly proclaim that the Twisted
developers are excellent programmers, and the range of capabilities in
there is fairly amazing.  But there *are* these old stories about the
pitfalls of hubris that keep coming to mind... not that I'm advocating
eye-gauging or anything, just moderation :-).

Yours, David...

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