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Steven Taschuk staschuk at
Mon Jun 9 19:06:10 CEST 2003

Quoth Andrew Wilkinson:
> def remove_last_newline(line):
>     if line[-1] == "\n":
>         return line[:-1]
>     else:
>         return line

Note that this will raise an exception if line == ''.  Skip's
slightly different
    if line[-1:] == '\n':
will work in that case, as would using .endswith (which I
personally consider clearer in such cases).

> Unfortunatly without a single line if-expression in Python I can't think of
> a single line solution to this problem.

Since you ask:
    line = line[:line.endswith('\n') and -1 or len(line)]   # Ick.
    line = line[:len(line)-line.endswith('\n')]             # *shudder*

But really, if it's so frequent an annoyance that you want a
one-liner, just write a function.

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