PythonD: 4Suite or Twisted?

Thomas Weholt ( PRIVAT ) 2002 at
Wed Jun 4 15:19:52 CEST 2003

Just a warning; when you mention "threaded" and "webserver" in this group in
the same sentence, you'll probably get several replies telling you that
threaded webservers scale badly and that you should look at ( you guessed
it ) Twisted or Medusa.

Twisted are slowly getting a proper documentation together and that would
make it a killer package for web/internet-based projects. It still seem a
bit bloated and some of the code is labeled unstable, yet the the package
seem to be marketed as complete and stable. I keep seeing things like "It
should really be re-written/re-factored " etc. in the twisted-mailing-list.
But all in all, as I said before, I think Twisted might be the new killer
app if the development-team keeps the development progress they seem to have
at the moment.

eh .... what was my point excactly ??? Hm ....

"Graeme Matthew" <gsmatthew at> wrote in message
news:%RlDa.239$R44.10990 at
> I personally looked at twisted and found it just too much of a learning
> curve, 4suite has is great as u dont have to build templating (thru code)
> into your system you simply pub run xml through the xslt processor and
> html back to the browser, in terms of networkign cant say much as im stuck
> at the moment trying to write threaded cgi server !
> cheers
> "deckerben" <bdeck at> wrote in message
> news:3eddd372$0$16609$9b622d9e at
> > Greetings!
> >
> > Which web server software would be more appropriate for a DOS (long
> filename
> > enabled) environment? I have seen 4suite and Twisted. Twisted seems to
> offer
> > a lot of other networking tools (like telnet and news services) but some
> of
> > the admin parts require GTK :-( 4Suite runs already except for the
> manager,
> > which requires threads. 4Suite also seems to have more comprehensive XML
> > tools, which I like.
> >
> > Ben
> >
> >

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