tkinter urgent help request

Martin Franklin mfranklin1 at
Tue Jun 24 16:40:28 CEST 2003

idriss wrote:

>i want to scroll one frame's or canvas 's whole content (it will contain
>other subframes and subframes will contain bitmaps) I couldn't find
>where is my fault.  if you can find my fault or have some example codes
>like this please help me thanks from now.....
>from Tkinter import *
>import Image
>root = Tk()
>mainFrame = Canvas(root,width=400, height=420, bg='gray50',relief=RIDGE)
>scroll = Scrollbar(mainFrame)

You just tried to pack the scrollbar inside a Canvas widget.  The 
scrollbar needs to be in the
root widget I would think :-)

    scroll = Scrollbar(root)

You just tried to pack the scroll


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