PEP 318 - Function Modifier Syntax

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Wed Jun 11 16:07:01 CEST 2003

> From: Courageous [mailto:jkraska at]
> There are many options:
> Various punctuation-governed:
> 	def myfunc (myvar); synchronized:
> 	def myfunc (myvar), final:

We all know Guido, these are *NEVER* going to fly,
and I at least prefer it like that; this isn't Perl
nor C; if something important, such as function
(and maybe class) modifiers are to pass, they most
surely will be introduced using a keyword or in a
list form:

def myfunc(...args...) [ a, b, c, ...] :

> Modifier tuple first:
> 	def (synchronized) myfunc (myvar):
> 	def (final, synchronized) myfunc (myvar):

Let's be realistic, ok?

> Modifier tuple second:
> 	def myfunc (myvar) (synchronized):
> 	def myfunc (myvar) (final, synchronized):

...has potential, except on Python-Dev it's already
been decided that a list is preferable to a tuple,
in order to keep it readable; two consecutive
tuples have the risk of running into each other,
visually at least.  Change the tuple into a list
and you have:

>>> def myfunc(myvar) [synchronized]: ....

>>> def myfunc(myvar) [final, synchronized]: ....

which reads easier.  Also, your first example has
a bug, your (synchronized) tuple is missing it's
mandatory comma:

>>> def myfunc(myvar) (synchronized,): ....

this mandatory last comma, when there's a single
element in the tuple, kills the tuple form
of modifier sequence, it'll never pass.

> Different keyword:
> 	def myfunction (myvar) using final, synchronized:
> Where "using" is defined to mean "using the semantics
> of".

YES!  This form has much, much potential.  There's the
problem that it's "using <tuple>", but it can be
an alternative, "using <tuple>|<callable>", so that
can be solved.

The "using" pseudo-keyword is the right one, it has
exactly the right subjective meaning, and doesn't
overload any other keyword, pseudo or otherwise.

Thanks CS :-)

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