Python executables?

Catalin ady982 at
Thu Jun 26 11:37:23 CEST 2003

How can I make executables with python?
I found some utilities that claim they can do something like that like 
Installer and py2exe but they actualy pack the code in a huge arhive! 
This solves the problem of giving python programs to users who don't 
have python but doesn't solve the problem of the source "secrecy" 
And the programs also run much slower and become extremely big compared 
to a normal C++ program for example. I made a test and a 2 programs 
doing the same thing where 400 KB with C Builder (static linked) and 
2.80 MB with python+installer in an arhive packed with upx and 6.9 MB 
with py2exe(unpacked). And the speed difference was huge.
So can a python program become a "real" executable(I am refering both to 
windows and unix platforms)?
If this is imposible with python is it possible with jpython?

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