Is python good for making database work short?

Paul McNett p at
Thu Jun 19 18:22:24 CEST 2003

Steve writes:

> I have been very impressed with foxpro.  I am surprised that the free
> software community ( or even another proprietary group ) has not
> produced a work-a-like of foxpro.

Microsoft played their hand quite adeptly, giving FoxPro developers regular 
upgrades and cool new features, marketing FoxPro quite well to the FoxPro 
community but not at all outside that community.  Basically, they kept us 
busy learning the new features and encouraging us to also learn the overall 
Visual Studio product. The idea of Linux and open source is rather new to 
the broad FoxPro user base, and has been seen as a threat even by those 
same people who are afraid of Microsoft deciding one day to kill FoxPro.

This situation has changed somewhat over the last couple years, but 
basically Microsoft was providing us just enough with their Visual FoxPro 
product to keep it from being worthwhile for someone to develop a 

It is my view that in another year or so, that broad base of FoxPro 
developers will look around and realize that the desktop market is no 
longer so dominated by Windows, and go into a little panic because the only 
tool they know is only available for Windows development.

Paul McNett

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