[ANN] pylint-0.1.2

Alexandre Fayolle alf at fayauffre.org
Thu Jun 19 09:16:13 CEST 2003

Bernhard Herzog a écrit :
> Alexandre Fayolle <alf at fayauffre.org> writes:
>> >  - It incorrectly says that "C" is not a valid class name in the
>> >    following class statement:
>> > 
>> >    class C:
>> >        pass
>> This is part of the coding standard checking part in pylint.
> Ah, I see. Maybe the message should be changed, then. "invalid" seems a
> bit strong for not conforming to a naming convention.

Yes. We'll fix this in the next release. 

> I just noticed another minor thing: "class" is spelled "classe" in the
> output.

This is because we're French and sometimes, our fingers get carried away
when typing <wink>. This is now fixed in CVS. Thanks. 

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