Twisted - howto transport megabytes?

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Sun Jun 8 18:10:13 CEST 2003

On Sun, 08 Jun 2003, Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote:

> Questions like Ed's and answers like these are probably the best publicity 
> Twisted can receive, if you're trying to attract new users.  ;-)

On the flipside, people sending questions about Twisted here are missing
the much larger pool of experts who hang around on the Twisted list. Maybe
Jp's and my solutions are suboptimal, and there's a better way? If only
Glyph or Itamar would think of a better way, Ed would never know. So, in spite
of the publicity Twisted gets, people sending Twisted questions here are
doing themselves a disservice. Less Twisted people read clpy, and even some
who read clpy (like me) pay less attention to a high volume general group
like this one than to a focused mailing list like Twisted's. This is why
I always take pains to remind people that they're better off sending questions
to the Twisted mailing list.
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