PEP 318 - Function Modifier Syntax

Tim Evans t.evans at
Tue Jun 10 22:34:16 CEST 2003

Courageous <jkraska at> writes:

> > Apart from the fact that the python user community is not by any
> > approximation a subset of the LaTeX community, I find the argument
> > that 'as' is confusing because it is already used in import
> > statements or SQL pretty dubious --
> As well, I. While it would be better on general principle to find a
> better word, if no such word is forthcoming this particular use of
> 'as' isn't at all confusing to me. As you point out, 'as' is a high
> utility English word already. Users ought to be familiar with its
> inherit dynamicity. :)
> C//

Another alternative, that someone brought up last time this discussion
took place, was:

    def spam(cls, x, y) becomes classmethod:

I think that 'becomes' quite neatly expressed that the modifiers are
added later, so the method is defined, and then becomes a class

Tim Evans

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