Tricks with timers

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Fri Jun 20 21:25:43 CEST 2003


To get around the previously stated problem of using a timer-like function in 
a guessing game to limit the amount of time a player has to guess the correct 
number, I have used the following:

   signal.signal( signal.SIGALRM, timer )
   signal.alarm( ticktock )

where timer is a function that prints "Time's Up!!" and 'ticktock' is a 
variable passed a value from input("time needed: ").

That actually works quite well. The next piece of the puzzle is to find a way 
in which I can do the equivalent of a break from the timer, so that if the 
correct answer is guessed *within* the allotted time, the ticktock is 
returned to zero and the timer function is suspended until the next game.

I don't want to use sys.exit(0), because I don't want the program to stop, 
just the one function. Would I be using SIGINT or SIGKILL or something along 
those lines to reset the game for a new time limit to be entered? The 
documentation that I've looked at for this discuss these options, but to be 
honest I cannot really figure out whether they are what I am looking for 
given the problem described.



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