PythonWin menu

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Thu Jun 5 03:39:46 CEST 2003

Ilariu Raducan wrote:

> Hi All,
> Using pythonwin as the framework for an application, at init time I 
> create some menu entries.
> Every time a document is focused (a MDIChild frame) the menu is replaced 
>   with the menu of that document(in my case the standard text document 
> and Tools menu of the PythonWin IDE.
> How can I display only my menus?
> Is it possible to have some menus displayed all the time, for each 
> document type?

You are really going to need to dig into the Pythonwin sources to track 
this down, and see what is available.  All this functionality should be 
in .py files in the pywin tree.  A number of products have created 
applications with completely custom frames and menus, so it can be done.


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