PythonD: 4Suite or Twisted?

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Wed Jun 4 21:35:02 CEST 2003

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> > Which web server software would be more appropriate for a DOS (long
> > enabled) environment? I have seen 4suite and Twisted. Twisted seems to
> > a lot of other networking tools (like telnet and news services) but some
> > the admin parts require GTK :-(

> Um, none of Twisted requires Gtk+. There are some programs (like tkmktap)
> which can enhance your experience if you are using a graphical
> but they're certainly not required. In particular, I almost always use
> Twisted from command-line-only environments, and it works fine.

Good to hear. I was a little concerned by the 'manhole' command coming back
saying I didn't have GTK. Do you think it is possible to rewrite this tools
using the curses module (supported under DOS)?

PythonD provides full socketmodule and selectmodule support. We were able to
*build* and *install* the latest TWISTED as part of our in-house
experimentation. But when I typed 'coil -l /dev/env/DJDIR/bin/web.tap' it
returned the error:
"No module named tendril"
I think it would help to go back and read the docs ;-)

Does TWISTED require any DOS-killers like os.fork() or os.popen2() ??


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