always fill out complete window

Tom llafba at
Fri Jun 27 10:19:31 CEST 2003

Hi Steve,

I used Boa Constructor.
The code looks like the follwoing:
self.textCtrl1 = wxTextCtrl(id=wxID_WXFRAME1TEXTCTRL1, name='textCtrl1',
              parent=self.panel2, pos=wxPoint(136, 64), size=wxSize(264, 
              style=wxTE_MULTILINE, value=u'')

Thanks for your help.

Steve Holden wrote:

>"Tom" <llafba at> wrote in message news:3EFB4C9F.8020709 at
>>Hi folks,
>>I have a splitter window in a GUI that I built. I added a TextCtrl
>>window to the right side of my splitter window. Because I don't want to
>>add anything else to this side of the window it would be great if the
>>TextCtrl window could fill out the complete side. I couldn't find the
>>appropriate command or configuration to resize the TextCtrl window
>>automatically no matter what I do with my mainframe window.
>It would help if you told us which GUI you were using (Tkinter, wxPython,
>PyQT, etc.) and perhaps posted a little sample code to gice us the idea.
>Steve Holden                        
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