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Nick Vargish nav at
Fri Jun 27 19:38:25 CEST 2003

Glauco <glauco at> writes:

> I'm alone in  find a lot of problem in a SOAP Client ?

No, I'm finding the SOAP thing pretty hard going myself, and I'm
usually pretty good at figuring things out for myself. I have a couple
of Perl "SOAP:Lite" scripts that I am trying to translate into Python,
and it's been quite frustrating.

> I'm going crazy because function are not documented .
> Exist another solution for di a SOAP CLient ??

There's ZSI, which has been called "more mature" by some people, but I
can't see much of a difference in approachability. Neither seems to be
very well documented. What I could really use are some more

Here's one of the Perl scripts I'm trying to translate:

  use SOAP::Lite;
  print SOAP::Lite
    -> uri('urn:Temperatures')
    -> proxy('')
    -> f2c($ARGV[0])
    -> result;

It's just one call. What's the Pythonic equivalent, using either or the ZSI package?

Obviously, I need a better understanding of how SOAP is supposed to
work, but even that basic documentation is surprisingly hard to find
on the Web.


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