Advice for developing in python with Microsoft Office?

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Wed Jun 25 15:38:16 CEST 2003

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> I'm using python to shuffle data in and out of Microsoft PowerPoint
> and Microsoft Excel and create and transfer graphs. The problem I'm
> having is that there are so many methods and properties built into the
> PowerPoint and Excel objects. I have been looking at the PowerPoint
> object documentation built into the Visual Basic development
> environment, but that's not much help. It tells you what's there, but
> not how to do specific things with the object.
> Can anybody point me to some resources or advice on getting through
> this? I'm convinced that these Microsoft objects can be useful if I
> could just figure out how to use them correctly.
Have you used the macro recorder built into Excel and Powerpoint? If you do 
whatever manipulation you want manually, it'll give you some verbose 
vbscript that you can use as the basis for working out which objects and 
methods you want.

Otherwise you could try googling. looks to 
have quite a lot of Powerpoint vba examples.

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