random picks from a list

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If we help you, do we get to share in the winnings? :)
BTW, I am sure that you know that what you are doing is mathematically
unsound, right?

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"Rogue9" <rogue9 at ntlworld.com> wrote in message news:3ee8dbd6 at shknews01...
> Hi All,
> I´m working on a program for lottery analysing and need to generate
> random numbers from a filtered list of numbers i.e. I have reduced the
> likely ¨winning¨ numbers to a smaller pool and have them in a list. How
> do i use the random funtion in Python to pick random numbers from this
> list?Is this the use of the seq argument in the random function?
> The documentation does not cover the use of all the arguments available
> for this function and my attempts to use if have been a failure.
> Guidance would be very much welcome Pythonistas,
> Thanks
> Lol McBride

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