License Question

Chuck Swiger cswiger at
Sun Jun 22 08:50:23 CEST 2003

achrist at wrote:
[ ... ]
> License says:
> "3. In the event Licensee prepares a derivative work that is based on
> or incorporates Python 2.2.3 or any part thereof, and wants to make
> the derivative work available to others as provided herein, then
> Licensee hereby agrees to include in any such work a brief summary of
> the changes made to Python 2.2.3."
> I interpret this to mean that a distributed version of a python
> script I write, created with Py2exe or the McMillan installer, 
> since it includes Python is covered by this provision.

That's probably not a correct interpretation.  The above license term would 
apply if you changed Python-2.2.3 itself.  Your python program is yours; it's 
not a derivative work of the Python Software Foundation.

The same idea applies to C code compiled with GCC, et cetera: using a compiler 
or interpreter does not apply the license of that tool onto the code being 
compiled or interpreted.


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