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>15 minutes?

Yup.  Might have been a few minutes more or less, and that included time
to set up an appropriate document tree.

>In my Twisted Web presentation (to be given in Europython), the first
>slide contains
>% mktap web --path=/var/www/htdocs --port=80
>% sudo twisted -f web.tap

Yes, that's all that's required -- but unlike some people, I like to
know what I'm doing, and I tend to go even farther in that direction
when I'm under pressure.  RTFM.

> --> Documentation/Howtos -> Bringing up a web
>server is the link path that brings to this document. If you have any
>suggestions for making the HOWTO easier to find, easier to read or if
>the examples shown there didn't work as expected, then please let the
>Twisted development team know -- these are bugs, in the code or docs,
>and we would like to know about them so we can fix them.

That's actually a moderately long document.  If you want to emphasize
how quickly a Twisted web server can be deployed, you should create a
separate document called "Fast start: Twisted web server".  That would
include a minimal set of install instructions so that people don't need
to read separate pages.

Note that I'm not complaining about the current setup, but you seem to
imply that it ought to be even easier.
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