Steaming PDF from Python Script to IE

Stephen Thorne stephen at
Sun Jun 22 03:26:20 CEST 2003

Nathan Treloar wrote:

> I'm trying to stream PDF content to a browser client via a python CGI
> script using:
>     out = open("test.pdf", "rb").read()
>     print 'Content-type: application/pdf\n\n'
>     print out
> However, IE is displaying the text and not launching Acrobat. If I
> remove one '\n' on the Content-type header Acrobat is launched but is
> not displaying the content. What am I missing? I've tried restarting
> IE, flushing the cache, etc..
> (You probably want to know why I don't just send a link to the file.
> This is just a test, in my actual app the PDF content is coming from
> another service as a byte stream.)
> Thanks in advance.

python automatically puts line-endings on when you do 
print 'foo'

What you probably want is actually

print 'Content-Type: application/pdf\r\n\r\n',
print out,

the ',' at the end of the line supresses lineendings. Also windows likes
\r\n for CRLF, whereas you were just sending LF (which is sufficient for

Stephen Thorne.

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