Decoding ADSI/Com errors

Dan Locks dwlocks at
Thu Jun 19 00:22:44 CEST 2003

There's an ugly section in our user creation scripts that used os.popen to run the win2k comands c:>net group <groupname> <username> /add.

I decided to re-implement this with win32com and ADSI, but I'm having problems.  Here's a code snippet with some traceback errors embedded:

import win32com.client
# -i produced this ugliness for the adsi com objects
from win32com.client import gencache
gencache.EnsureModule('{97d25db0-0363-11cf-abc4-02608c9e7553}', 0, 1, 0)

user_DN = 'CN=test05,OU=studenttest,OU=YWLCS Users,DC=internal,DC=ywlcs,DC=org'
group_DN = 'LDAP://CN=resource,OU=YWLCS Users,DC=internal,DC=ywlcs,DC=org'

adsi = win32com.client.Dispatch('ADsNameSpaces')
ldap = adsi.getobject('', 'LDAP:')

# using 3 is easier than looking at
# win32com.client.constants.ADS_SECURE_AUTHENTICATION
group_obj = ldap.opendsobject(group_DN,'','',3)

# So far so good.  here's where things stop working.
# Since group_obj is an IADsGroup, I should be able to use add('LDAP string')
# But I get this error:
group_obj.add( user_DN )

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<interactive input>", line 1, in ?
  File "<COMObject <unknown>>", line 2, in add
com_error: (-2147352567, 'Exception occurred.', (0, None, None, None, 0, -2147463168), None)

# That's pretty opaque to me.

# All ADSI objects inherit the IADs::putex method, right?  maybe.


Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<interactive input>", line 1, in ?
  File "<COMObject <unknown>>", line 2, in putex
com_error: (-2147352567, 'Exception occurred.', (0, 'Active Directory', 'Unspecified error\r\n', None, 0, -2147467259), None)

# after all that this does work, but it *replaces* the group membership with
# whatever string or list of strings I send.  that's not good.

group_obj.put('member',[user_DN, another_DN, ...]


What do these errors mean?
How am I to decode them?



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