Tiger Hash Function in Python

Mirco Romanato painlord2k at yahoo.it
Thu Jun 19 17:56:14 CEST 2003

Hi to all!

I'm thinkering with Python to build an utility (more specs at the end
of the post) and I need to utilize the Tiger Hash function.
I have not MSVC and run a Win box with the last Cygwin and Python

There is any module that compile automagically with Cygwin, or a
module that don't need to be compiled, only installed?

Any suggestion is welcome!!!


My utility is for post files to binary newgroups including in the post
the metadata to verify the chunk of the file posted.

This need to be done using Tiger hash to build a TigerTree of Hashes
compatible with THEX and other protocols used in Gnutella, Gnutella2,
eDonkey/eMule (the last will implement TTH in the future).

This will enable these popular filesharing network to tap from binary
Usenet for bulk/inaffidable/fast transport of data, then use the P2P
networks to recover the missing parts of a file.
Files popular with high rate of request could be posted in newsgroups
(manually or maybe [semi]automatically), then reducing the load of
nodes in the P2P network and reducing the outbond traffic of ISPs with
a binary newsserver (their server will automatically cache files in
high demand).
This also will reduce the rate of reposting of a file, the storage
space needed in servers, and augment the retention time of popular
files/posts (in servers with supporting software) because servers will
select posts knowing before how many posts it will DL from the feed
(it will DL complete series of posts and not random posts) and could
skip to DL post with redundant data (like two series of posts with the
same file, maybe with different post size/object/sender).

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