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Thu Jun 26 14:09:17 CEST 2003

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> Gerrit Holl wrote:
> > I don't understand how pypy can improve performance. Am I correct that
> > is an effort to implement Python as much as possible in Python?
> Yes, that's a part of what the PyPy people are doing.
> > And am I
> > correct that implementing a module in C will probably speed it up?
> In some scenarios, implementing a module in C will speed things up, but it
> not guaranteed. It depends on the data being transferred back and forth
> the C extension and the users python script. This transfer comes at a
cost. If
> the cost of the transfer outweighs the time spent in the C extension, then
> will be slower. Which doesn't happen very often, mind.
> > Combining
> > these two, wouldn't implementing Python in Python slow things down?
> Not necessarily. That's true only if you assume that the python virtual
> interpreting the python byte codes doesn't run any faster than the current
> Python VM.
> > If so,
> > what is the advantage of pypy?
> From my readings, I think the PyPy project is very ambitious (and I wish
> the very best of luck getting funding for it).
[and lots of other good stuff]

Alan: thanks very much, couldn't have explained that as well myself!

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