Jython and Java 3D - Has it been done?

Arthur ajsiegel at optonline.net
Fri Jun 6 17:00:15 CEST 2003

Shaun writes -

 >Having just finished a port of Visual Python 3D Package (
 >http://www.vpython.org ) to the Wedge immersive 3D environment (
 >http://ephebe.anu.edu.au/wedge/index.html), I am wondering if anyone 
 >has  succesfully used the Java3D package with Jython? Failing that, 
has >it been attempted?

Certainly looking forward to see/hear more about your VPython efforts. 
 From your note on the VPython list, it seems that the release of some 
source code may not be far off.

Early in my exploration of Python, (which was early in the life of 
Java3d), I did enough experimentation to find that it is realistic to 
access its functionality through Jython with what, for my purposes, was 
decent performance.  It was actually the release of VPython - which was 
actually better sutited for my purposes - that allowed me to abandon the 
effort to get into Java3d at any level of depth.

But somewhere deep in the recesses of my hard drive is some 
Jython/Java3d demo code.  I do remember actually coming across and 
reporting a JPython bug uncovered to those efforts, that was quickly 
attended to by the Jython development folks.

If you are looking at some sort of port of VPython like functionality, 
it is my not very firm opinion that it might be better accomplished by 
going directly to one of the Java for OpenGL implmenentations, like 
GL4Java. http://www.jausoft.com/gl4java.html

It can also be readily driven from Jython.

I would love you for it.



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