Your Suggestion for a OOP beginner to learn Python and Java

Alan Kennedy alanmk at
Wed Jun 11 16:55:02 CEST 2003

MiLF wrote:

> I am new to OOP, I know some other old programming language, I want/need to
> learn Python and Java, which language should I start to learn? Or, learn
> both at the same time? (for example, attending to both class at the same
> time)

I think the best way, especially if you have prior programming experience, is to
use jython, a python 2.1 interpreter implemented in java. This will not only
have the benefit of getting you up and running fast writing programs, but also
teach you the fundamental differences between python and java. You can program
in nice clear python to start off with, dipping into java every now and again
when you need to, and seamlessly integrating the two.

Most of the sample code you could want to run under Cpython, e.g. samples from
textbooks, will also run under jython. Cpython is just reaching version 2.3, and
contains a number of great features that jython doesn't (being based on 2.1).
But I don't think you would need to access those features for the purposes of
self-starter learning.

I thoroughly recommend Robert W. Bills book: "Jython for Java Programmers".
While this is a text intended primarily for Java programmers, it is also good
for someone who has previous programming experience, and understands things like
datatypes, function calls, etc.

Best of luck!

alan kennedy
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