Staying Connected to a POP3/SMTP Server

Tim Roberts timr at
Fri Jun 27 07:09:19 CEST 2003

Peter Hansen <peter at> wrote:
>Amos Joshua wrote:
>> Would any Bad Things happen if I stayed connected to a POP3 and an
>> SMTP server for say, an hour, while checking for new emails say, every
>> ten seconds, and sending some at small intervals like that too?
>Isn't it the case that POP3 servers basically "lock" the mailbox when 
>you authenticate yourself, such that you would never see these new 
>messages that might possibly be arriving?  If that's so, it wouldn't
>be "bad" except in the sense that it would do nothing useful, and 
>would prevent any subsequent login attempts from succeeding on that
>mailbox until you disconnected.

Yes, that is correct.  The mailbox view does not change as long as your POP
session lives.
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