comprehending comprehensions

Maurix maurix78_remove_this_ at
Sun Jun 15 12:42:34 CEST 2003

Thanks for the ideas,
But, what about the order? If we want to be "fuctional" the order is not 
to be important:

qsort=lambda l : len(l) > 1 and (...)
(...) qsort(elts_lt_x(l))+[l[0]]+qsort(elts_greq_x(l)) or l
elts_lt_x=lambda l : [y for y in l[1:] if y<l[0]]
elts_greq_x=lambda l : [y for y in l[1:] if y>=l[0]]

My aim is not to put all in a line, (if you want you can put the qsort 
in c in the same line!!) but use a similar sintaxis of a pure functional 
I think "structurally" because i'm a c programmer but learning Python 
i'm apreciating his functional style. Python permit it but, we think 
functionally when we make algorithms?

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