Use __del__ methods to improve gc?

Alex Martelli aleax at
Fri Jun 13 14:50:46 CEST 2003

Edward K. Ream wrote:

>> As others have explained, no, gc scans everything when it's time for it
>> to
>> get scanned <wink>.  An interesting question may be why you suspect gc
>> *needs* help.  For example, is gc taking a lot of time in your app?
> Chuckle.  This question reminds me Alex Martelli's amusing remarks about
> the new timeit module on c.l.p.
> Can anyone give me the name and date of the thread? I really should post
> Alex's closing remarks on my wall.  A quick search of google and the
> archives hasn't unearthed it.

I suspect the paragraph you mean might be...:

Personally, I nominate as THE outstanding enhancement of
Python 2.3 -- I love many of the others (the performance improvement
in particular), but is the one I find myself using all of
the time -- seems to provide an innocuous way for programmers' typical
obsession with performance and micro-optimization to discharge itself
harmlessly, cleansing their souls to choose idioms on the basis of
clarity, maintainability and readability, as of course SHOULD be done:-).

I posted that text on May 8.


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