swig+structures -> python

mwallace1 mwallace1 at wp.pl
Wed Jun 25 11:24:04 CEST 2003


Please help me to solve this problem.
I have such  function written in C:

            const char *base,
            int scope,
            const char *filter,
            char **attrs,
            LDAP_Entries **entries);

where LDAP_Entries is a structure.

When I call this function from Python, :
where :
attrs = ["cn","command"]
entries = []
it says:
TypeError: Type error. Expected _p_p_char

This function return data in entries parameter.
I dont want to have access to data in entries,but only an object (handler to
it), so I can put returned value in entris into other function,also called
from Python.
Do i have to make a typdef functions , so wrapper understands what I want to
have back ?

thanx for all your help,


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