A Python application server?

Paul Rubin http
Mon Jun 2 16:38:55 CEST 2003

"Duncan Smith" <buzzard at urubu.freeserve.co.uk> writes:
> Having looked at PYRO, Twisted and WebWare I'm pretty confident that most of
> the technology is in place.  But I have been told that to emulate the
> existing system there would have to be a Python equivalent of an 'untrusted
> Java applet'.  (I'm not convinced this is actually necessary for the given
> app., but the existing system does use RMI and Java applets.)

There isn't one.  There was one, but it's been removed, I think, due
to security flaws.

> What I'm basically trying to address is the following statement (from some
> of his lecture notes):
> "Java is the only mainstream technology that adds the required level of
> safety for code travelling around a network, and the flexibility to invent
> our own controls, regardless of the operating system being used."

This is Java's big marketing claim but I don't think it's really true
of any system including Java.  

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