64 bit python on AIX -- dynload_aix problem

E. McKay Hyde hyde at math.umn.edu
Fri Jun 6 15:09:51 CEST 2003

I am trying to get a 64-bit version of python running in AIX (IBM SP). 
Martin v. Lowis helped me get past a problem in the configuration, but 
now the compilation fails when building the standard extensions.

I tracked the problem down to dynload_aix.c and I found a previous post 
to this group from Davide Tacchella describing the same problem, but 
with no suggested solutions.  His post read:

> I'm trying to build Python with 64 bit support on AIX, so far I've encountered 2 problems,
> dynload_aix.c is not 100% 64 bit compliant (it includes some cast from pointer to (int));
> this was causing python to SEGV when building extensions, after changing from int to long, 
> the error is now ILL (SIGILL), there is a pointer to NULL:
> The call stack from debugger is:
> 0x000000
> initstruct (structmodule.c - line 1508)
> _PyImport_LoadDynamicModule ( importdl.c - line 53)
> load_module (import.c - line 1365)
> import_submodule (import.c - line 1895)
> load_next (import.c - line 1751)
> import_module_ex (import.c - line 1602)
> PyImport_ImportModuleEx (import.c - line 1643)
> builtin___import__ (bltinmodule.c - line 40)
> PyCFunction_Call (methodobject.c - line 80)
> eval_frame (ceval.c - line 2004)

Does anyone have any suggestions?



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