Weird 'and' result...

Erik Max Francis max at
Sat Jun 21 02:09:30 CEST 2003

Peter Hansen wrote:

> I don't know the details, since the first value won't fit
> in an int, it's quietly making it a long, then treating the
> second value as "-1" and/or basically sign-extending it
> to an appropriate size to do the AND for you...
> Change it to 0xffffffffL (note the L) and it works "better".
> A guru will be along shortly to explain the details. :-)

Yes, that's exactly it.  Since int is signed 32 bits, 0xffffffff is a
signed -1.  Since -1 is all bits one, x & -1 == x.  If you really want
the unsigned value 0xffffffff, you need to use a long like you

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