Twisted - howto transport megabytes?

Alan Kennedy alanmk at
Sun Jun 8 21:56:45 CEST 2003

Ed Young wrote:
> I am exploring Twisted for use as the basis for an
> application to application data transporter (queueing).
> When receiving large messages (multiple megabytes), I can
> use the dataReceived method to get the messages piecemeal.
> Since file writes can be blocking, how can I write the
> received pieces to a file in a non-blocking fashion?

Just a quick alternative suggestion.

Are you going to find yourself copying to multiple machines, i.e. are you going
to have "failback" system involving multiple clients?

You might consider taking a look at Spread, which is designed for the specific
purposes of interconnecting *multiple* nodes on a network, using a multiple
publisher/suibscriber model

I think the twisted people have a module called "spread", but it is to do with
distributed objects, not the spread toolkit, which is lower-level.

Perhaps a closer fit to your requirements? Just a thought.


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