Python App Server Advice

Paul Boddie paul at
Mon Jun 2 10:57:28 CEST 2003

"Graeme Matthew" <gsmatthew at> wrote in message news:<8OVBa.442$DL6.18158 at>...
> thanks for all yuor input much appreciated, im now on my last task before
> the server is ready getting pyApache to work after ditching mod_python as I
> could not get it working on linux only windows

I suppose you could turn to the mod_python mailing lists to get those
problems sorted out. In my experience, mod_python is very easy to
install on Linux, with the only issues arising around
Expat/pyexpat/cDomlette and character encoding "misinterpretation" if
you are using that particular combination of software to process XML
documents. With minidom from PyXML (and not 4Suite) mod_python should
be just fine for XML processing applications.


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