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> > Pythoneers,
> >     At least for the next little while, I'm going to be doing my Python 
> > development work on a Mac with OS X 10.2. Since I usually use the 
> > commandline (bash) and vim, it really isn't much different from when I 
> > use Linux. However, when I'm using interactive mode on this thing, my 
> > terminal settings don't allow me to up-arrow for the previous command, 
> > and backspace/delete don't backspace or delete.
> >     My terminal seems to be set up correctly... but if there's anyone 
> > who's run into this before, or if you know of a way for me to map the 
> > usual keys to their usual functions, please let me know. I'll just be 
> > here R'ing TFM.
> Is it actually due to key bindings, or is it perhaps that the GNU 
> Readline library is not present on your system? On my Linux system 
> (Mandrake mongrel-point-two) when the readline library is not present, 
> Python runs just fine, but doesn't have command history or editing. 
> Unfortunately, I know very little about OS X, so I couldn't tell you 
> where to look for the library.

Readline is indeed the issue. There's tiny a download here:
("Readline support for Apple python") that has helped me in the past to 
get readline working on OSX.2.


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