Twisted - howto transport megabytes?

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Sun Jun 8 07:55:20 CEST 2003

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On Sun, 08 Jun 2003, "Ed Young" <ejy712 at> wrote:

> When receiving large messages (multiple megabytes), I can
> use the dataReceived method to get the messages piecemeal.
> Since file writes can be blocking, how can I write the
> received pieces to a file in a non-blocking fashion?

In UNIX, file writes never block. Can you clarify what you're talking

> When sending large messages (multiple megabytes), well,
> I haven't figured that out yet.  Does the transport
> method accept a filehandle from which it will feed as
> it needs to?

You should "register a producer" on the transport.
See twisted.web.static.FileTransfer for how to register producers.
The 5-line explanation
instance should support "resumeProducing()" which should call the
transport.write with a small amount of data (several Ks), and
"pauseProducing()" (which usually does nothing) and
"stopProducing()" which means the file isn't needed anymore.

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