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> > For that matter it might just as well have been ESC or any other
> > character value - clearly a single character will suffice to delimit a
> > I fail to see why Apple should have chosen LF to preserve compatibility
> > Unix if Microsoft are "correct". But then I'm just a crotchety old
> > and you're just a mad surfer.
> >
> I said that using just one character is more elegant, and I think
> Apple was right when they chose a single character. I have no real
> knowledge of the different line-endings that were used at the time,
> but I assume that LF (alone) was more frequently used than CR (alone)
> or other characters. If I'm right, the Apple's choice was less
> compatible.

Doesn't really matter - I already told you I'm a crotchety old fartbot :-)

So, FWIW, I agree with you that a single character makes hugely more sense
than CRLF. Apple are well-known for making self-limiting decisions :-)

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