Choosing between two Jython books...

Alan Kennedy alanmk at
Sun Jun 22 19:49:22 CEST 2003

Marc Rochkind wrote:

Alan Kennedy wrote:

>> Are you the Marc Rochkind who wrote "Advanced Unix Programming"?

> Yes... that's me. Thanks for the kind words! I'm working on the 2nd
> edition, which is scheduled to be out this Fall.

That's great, I'll look forward to reading it. I was so impressed with the first
edition that it's the only textbook whose name *and* author I remember from the
University days. (The only other book I remember was "The Dragon Book", by Aho,
Sethi and Ullman(?)). 

I'm sure that there'll be lots of new areas in the 2nd edition: if I remember
rightly, Berkeley sockets hadn't been invented when you wrote the first edition

> My interest in Jython is mainly because then I
> can use Swing instead of Tkinter. Because I use Swing with Java, it 
> allows me to learn only one GUI.

Ah, that's important information.

"Essential Jython" has a chapter dedicated to Swing: sample apps include a
calculator, an HTML browser/parser and an HTML source viewer.

"Jython for Java Programmers", OTOH, also has a GUI chapter, but it is almost
entirely dedicated to AWT, except for a single page about Swing.

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