Some pythonic advice needed

Rudy Schockaert rudy.schockaert at
Sun Jun 1 21:52:45 CEST 2003

> It's not clear to me how you define the "expected" answer. Would you say
> "iste" would suppose to return "die" or "dat"? (I speak Dutch and I know
> they mean the same, so none is better or worse than the other). Perhaps
> you should consider a different approach, e.g. allow to give more than
> one answer and point it out on-screen when not all possibilities have
> been exhausted. 

Every day she gets about 10 new words to learn. Some of these words are 
already in the list from previous lessons. The new words are the 
"expected" answers. The other meaning are not wrong, but those are 
already rehearsed.

I have received lot's of valuable inputs. Thank you all.

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