py2exe and dynamic service installation ?

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"Harald Schneider" <h_schneider at> writes:

> Hi,
> I used py2exe to create a NT service, which works flawlessly. Now the same
> application needs to be installed multiple times on the same machine. For
> this I need to pass _svc_name_ and _svc_display_name_ at runtime as command
> line parameters after -install.
> But no matter what I do, if I compile the application with py2exe it falls
> back to the first assignment of _svc_name_ in the class header - it just
> ignores the passed command line paramters and also any assignment to
> _svc_name_ etc in the class header or the __init part ...
> Is there a way to assign these varibales dynamically before the service is
> created ?
> All the best,
> Harald

The attached diff to py2exe v.0.3.4 run_svc.c adds the following optional
command line args to the users exe file:

-service <desired name>
-display <display name>
-depends <pipe|separated|dependencies>
-user    <account name>
-pass    <password>
-auto    no param, sets service to autostart

Rebuild the py2exe interpreters by running 'python build' in
the py2exe directory.

This is only lightly tested and not yet used in production.

I also have a run_svc_w.c which provides a consoleless analog to
run_w.c (usefull for avoiding 'flashing window syndrome' when bundling
exe's for use within an installer such as NSIS or Inno Setup).

Feedback welcome.

Mark Millikan

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