Updating to Python 2.2.3

vincent wehren v.wehren at home.nl
Sun Jun 22 17:02:11 CEST 2003

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[Christoph Stähli]
> I would like to update Python 2.2.2 to the newest version (2.2.3). Do
> I have to uninstall the older version first?

>I do, and I've never tried not to.  I don't know >what would happen if you>
>don't.  Why risk it?  The PLabs Windows >nstaller certainly doesn't
>uninstall older versions first.

I have installed Python version 2.2.1  through 2.2.3 on at least 6
production machines without ever deinstalling the previous version first. I
can't say I ever ran into any trouble. This was different though when
changing major or minor versions.
(e.g 1.52 > 2.n.n or 2.1.n > 2.2.n)

On the other hand, maybe I was just lucky...

Vincent Wehren

> Do i have to reinstall all the side-packages (VPython, wxPython etc.)?

No, and the PLabs uninstaller for 2.2.2 won't remove them either, so it's
safe to use that to uninstall 2.2.2 first.  The 2.2.3 installer will note
that the installation directory already exists then, and ask you whether you
want to install 2.2.3 on top of it.  Say yes.

> I'm running Windoze XP.

Note that the answer is different then when you move from Python 2.2.3 to
2.3 -- in WindowsLand, Python releases are not compatible across minor
version numbers (the second digit in i.j.k).  That's unique to Windows, BTW
(on Linux, e.g., you'll probably be able to use 3rd-party binaries compiled
for 2.2.3 with 2.3 too, but never across a minor version number increment on

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