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>Martin Christensen wrote:
>>>>>>>"Dirk" == Dirk Gerrits <dirk at> writes:
>> Dirk> ... you are forced to use a variety of programming languages at
>> Dirk> school in a variety of projects, and for each and everyone of
>> Dirk> them you explain to your friends how much easier it would have
>> Dirk> been to solve this in Python instead of the language we were
>> Dirk> supposed to use.
>> I speak from experience when I say that this can quickly get on
>> people's nerves. Whenever I mention Python, it is always accompanied
>> by loud groans from my friends. :-)
>Well I've already been able to convert one of my friends this way. :) 
>And perhaps more will follow.
>But yes, I get a lot of groans too. ;)

Same here, though mostly I'm making comments over on alt.poly.  I've
managed to convert a couple of people.
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