Choosing the right database-system for a small project

Thomas Weholt ( PRIVAT ) 2002 at
Tue Jun 24 16:34:37 CEST 2003

Now I've looked closer at SQLite and MetaKit and they both seem great. I've
looked for some sort of comparison but with little luck. Can anybody comment
on what would
be the pros and cons when the two are compared to each other ?

I liked the fact that SQLite worked like a real SQL-database, but I also
liked the way records turned into well-known Python-objects when fetched in

Any comment, especially on speed and limitations found when using these two
are interesting.


"Thomas Weholt ( PRIVAT )" <2002 at> wrote in message
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> I've got a rather small project, small in the sense that there's not a lot
> of different tables needed in the database/storage-system, but there will
> alot of data and the clients must be able to scan thru huge amounts of
> very fast ( Not serial scanning, but lookups by key, preferrably several
> keys pr record, ie. I need to lookup people both by SSN and by
> first/last-name etc. )
> So far I've used MySQL, mainly because I need something that installs
> on both Linux and Windows. But I don't need a big user-management system,
> need something light, a bit more flexible than shelve, and as I said
> I need to lookup data by several key-fields.
> I've also looked at MetaKit and this seems like just my kind of thing.
> to use and install. Remember that I've only looked at the docs, not tried
> anything for real. Another contender is SQLLite. It's very important that
> the system is easy to install. Anything more than "copy these files in
> folder" or run this install-program on Windows is unacceptable, and
> more than configure/make/make install without lots of other library
> dependancies on Linux is also out of the question.
> Can anybody share experiences with these solutions? Speed, flexibility,
> installation issues? I intend to use this with Twisted so if there are any
> blocking issues I need to consider please let me know. Any other system I
> should take a look at ??
> Thanks a bunch,
> Thomas

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