Python Cannot be Killed

Tim Peters at
Thu Jun 19 03:09:00 CEST 2003

[Terry Reedy]
> ...
> If it has not done so, the PSF should probably trademark 'Python' as
> computer language name.

Ain't that simple, alas.  There are dozens of applications for 'Python' as a
trademark, and the gummint doesn't draw as fine a distinction among
applicants as we do.  CNRI first tried to trademark Python in our sense over
3 years ago, and is still trying:

The PSF is currently talking with CNRI about taking over this endless task.
It's definitely part of the PSF's mission to protect Python's name.

> With trademark rights, PSF could avoid Sun's 'problem' by refusing to
> license Python to Microsoft -- even if asked -- and forgo it
> 'impremature'.  We are arguably doing well enough without it now.  Or
> it could try to write a better contract.  Perhaps sufficient would be
> specifying that anything bearing the Python name, with some version
> number, must pass the corresponding test suite, just like CPython.  If
> a licensed version had avoidable and unwanted (by PSF)
> incompatibilities, add more unit tests for the next version to catch
> them.

If he offered to fund Python development, I'm sure we'd license the name to
Satan <wink>.

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