Python executables?

SFBayling a at b.c
Sat Jun 28 23:43:54 CEST 2003

Catalin <ady982 at> wrote in 
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> And the programs also run much slower and become extremely big compared 
> to a normal C++ program for example. 

What are you doing that the speed decrease matters?
What are you doing that is so secret?

If it really is too slow (i.e. 100 times slower than C++ is one thing, but 
if it still only takes 0.1s is that really a problem?), consider writing 
the slow part in C or C++ as a compiled extension. That could get you the 
speed and mildly-increased-code-security you desire for the delicate parts 
of your program, plus the advantages of Python for all the rest.


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