Fast CGI Vs Java Application Servers

Wojciech Kocjan wojciech at
Mon Jun 30 15:34:15 CEST 2003

Kyler Laird wrote:
> Irmen de Jong <irmen at> writes:
>>A (fast)CGI program compared to the actual Java program may not be
>>much of a difference, depending on the program of course. What is
>>a *huge* difference is that the Java app is running inside an
>>*application server*. A (J2EE) Application Server provides a
>>rich environment on which to base your scalable enterprise applications:
> Outstanding points.  For trivial applications, CGI is fine, but beyond
> that we get into the need for this infrastructure.  Creating it from
> scratch (or bundling it into each application) is a pain and demands
> ongoing maintenance.  It's great for "tinkerers" but doesn't make
> sense for someone wanting to concentrate on building applications.

That depends. Many companies want to write their own base modules, so 
that they can be extended to meet their needs. This is very time 
consuming, but the upside is that you know the code perfectly and are 
able to fix bugs/enhance the code very fast.

> A Python solution for all of this is Zope.

And a Tcl solution is AOLserver and OpenACS :-)


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