Problem With Medusa/Unix User Handler

John Abel john.abel at
Mon Jun 9 14:10:52 CEST 2003

I am trying to set up a small web server, with support for Unix Users
(~username).  However, it doesn't seem to be working.  The handler for
unix_user_handler is being added OK, and default_handler is being
called, but I keep getting 404 returned.  I've put some prompt in, and default_handler,py.  This is the output from
my startup:

warning: Computing default hostname
info: Medusa (V1.10) started at Mon Jun  9 12:08:39 2003

Just Done Init
info: FTP server started at Mon Jun  9 12:08:39 2003
        Authorizer:<__main__.ShadowAuthorizer instance at 0x4060d34c>
        Hostname: lestat
        Port: 21
info: Monitor Server (V1.5) started on port 9999
Chat Server (V1.4) started on port 8888
('/~johnab/', None, None, None)
<unix-style fs root:/home/johnab/public_html wd:/>
warning: unhandled connect event

This is the output from my monitor port:

Welcome to <socket object, fd=10, family=2, type=1, protocol=0>
[Hint: try 'from __main__ import *']
>>> from __main__ import *
>>> dir()
'MONITOR_PORT', 'PUBLISHING_ROOT', 'ShadowAuthorizer', '__builtins__',
'__doc__', '__name__', 'asyncore', 'chat_server', 'cs',
'default_handler', 'dh', 'filesys', 'fs', 'ftp', 'ftp_server', 'hs',
'http_server', 'lg', 'logger', 'monitor', 'ms', 'os', 'resolver', 'rs',
'sh', 'status_handler', 'status_objects', 'sys', 'uh', 'unix_user_handler']
>>> print uh
<Unix User Directory Handler at 08246e5c [~user/public_html, 1
filesystems loaded]>

I'm running SuSE 8.2, with Python2.2, and Python2.3.  I've tested both
0.53, and CVS versions of medusa  The public_html directory does exist
in each user I've tested it with.



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