How to use Sun's CC with distutils?

Tom Loredo loredo at
Wed Jun 4 00:43:49 CEST 2003

Hi folks-

I'm trying to install wxPython on a Solaris 8 machine.  gcc fails to compile
the wxGTK configure script's test .cpp code, giving a strange math library link
error that no one here or in a couple newsgroups has been able to help me
with.  I was told by the local experts to use CC for compiling C++ code,
and indeed that lets me build wxGTK fine (configure/make etc.).

Now I'm trying to install wxPython itself with the usual, and
it fails because gcc can't compile the .cpp files.  I've tried
using a "build --compiler=CC" command, but I get an error:

error: don't know how to compile C/C++ code on platform 'posix' with 'CC' compiler

Anyone know how I should tell distutils to use CC?

Tom Loredo

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