Fast CGI Vs Java Application Servers

David N. Welton davidw at
Sun Jun 29 12:37:39 CEST 2003

alan.gauld at (Alan Gauld) writes:

> > Is there a business case for switching from CGI to Java?

As someone said, "java is great for engineering next generation
solutions to enable maximization of developer income by means of
enhanced buzzword use".

> > Features?

> Maybe, Java's built in networking/security features are a big plus,
> maybe the biggest plus.

For most of the other answers, Tcl scores about where Perl and Python
do, give or take some here and there.  Here, it is worth mentioning
that Tcl has a very nice security architecture of its own, that you
can control from Tcl itself quite easily.

> > Object orientation?

> Nope, you can do that in Perl and certainly in Python (or Ruby).

Or Tcl with an extension like [Incr Tcl].

> Bottom line is: Does what you do now work for you? If so, don't fix
> what's not broken...

Excellent suggestion.

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