You know you're a Pythonista when..

poiboy bitbucket at
Tue Jun 10 20:27:02 CEST 2003

..or "Empathy and Envy on the Road to Enlightenment."
I'm a doit-yer-selfer counting signposts on my path to PyNirvana,
and I'm wondering what epiphanies the better traveled have
experienced along their own.
Those that have marked my progress are:
1) Bookmarking the Language Reference Index and realizing that "for
   language lawyers" applied to *me* (my links for "Extending and
   Embedding" and "Python/C API" are still blue).
2) Relying on unittest.
3) Discovering filter() and map().
4) Fortifying classes with __setattr__() and friends.
4.5) Leaving if:, elif:, and else: on their own lines for fear of
     scorn or deprecation.
Aloha, the poiboy

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